We live in a nation where we talk about women empowerment and women equality, while there are still thousands of crimes being committed against them. While crimes like these keep happening, there are debates happening around on possible reasons and causes for these crimes. One has to agree that it’s impossible to be locked in doors to prevent crimes and the only possible solution to be safe is learning to defend oneself. Parents of young girls should be taught the importance of teaching their girls self-defense.

Braingroom is the most sought after platform used by parents to engage their kids in extra-curricular activities. The platform provides wide range of classes and activities not only for kids but for all age groups. Braingroom is a reliable platform that connects parents who wants to enroll their kids in self-defense programs with tutors in the neighborhood.

Even in this modern era, Indian parents are still skeptical about enrolling their kids for self-defense programs as they are bestowed upon with an image that martial arts are meant only for men and the fear of UN acceptance by the society. Self defence does not make a girl manly but is only a giant step closer to protecting oneself. One need not be heavy built or hefty to defend oneself. Martial arts like boxing, kung fu, judo, taekwondo; karate ranks the top when it comes to self defence. Besides self defence there are also other benefits of practicing martial arts like street awareness, increased self-confidence, learning something new, toned muscles, overall fitness, balance, self-discipline, social skills and fighter's reflex

Martial Arts for Women

Nothing really feels better than learning to protect you during hard times. Today, women out there are given the chance to learn what’s out of the box and improve their skills, both physically and mentally. Therefore, martial arts for women are never deemed unmanly! In fact, in recent times, martial arts training for women are trending and even online marketplaces like Braingroom hold connections that help seekers connect with trainers!

Some of the different martial arts trainers that you can find in Braingroom for women are -

Karate - Balance is one of the most important entity of Karate. Predominantly, karate as a self-defense teaches you how to focus on your target while you control your body. Without any balance, fighting through is always impossible. Thus, by gaining control over your body and imbibing balance, the art prepares you to protect yourself, both mentally and physically.

Aikido - A modern japanese martial art, this theory of self-defense teaches to major things:

1. Defending yourself against an intruder and

2. Tackling the attacker and also projecting him from injury! This art has gained recognition worldwide and today, we see it been practised worldwide without any gender bias!

Jiu Jitsu - An extremely challenging but a fun art, Jiu Jitsu is a martial art form that was originated from Japan. Predominantly, this art form teaches you to manipulate your opponents force against him/her and tackling.

Tae Kwon Do - Taekwondo is one of the best self-defense a woman could train herself in. The sport isn’t just about kicking, but is about courtesy, integrity, self-control and protection. With Taekwondo, you don’t just learn to kick but also to punch, wrestle and use a bow staff!

Kung Fu - Thanks to Kung Fu Panda’s animation series - Kung Fu is one of the most traditional forms of self-defense that has been held in great heights for centuries! Kung Fu is a collection of 400 - 800 myriads of self-defense art and is the most efficient form of martial art that could be learnt by women.

As mentioned above, self-defense is not just about protecting you but is also about fitness and also grooms a person both mentally and physically. Henceforth, there is nothing manly about self-defense. Braingroom provides with best tutors and classes for skills any woman can adorn herself with!