"Mirror, Mirror on the wall....who's the fairest of them all?"

What do you see when you look in the mirror? My friend Deb has a lighted magnifying mirror and looks into it everyday. She is truly beautiful to all of us who love her and know her. We see that long blonde hair, painted through the years of personal sun-worship. Her face is a beautiful tan, natural, definitely not out of a bottle. We see a gorgeous beach girl and she sees wrinkles and pores, very large pores! Well, of course she does, what else can lighted-15x-magnifying mirror show one but that!

Now my friend Mary couldn't care less about mirrors. If she passes one quite by accident, her gait would never change but she might sneak a little peak just to make sure she hasn't tucked her skirt into her underwear (again)during her last visit to the women's room.

All the rest of us probably fall somewhere in-between. On the days I wear make-up I might sit at the mirror to do it and during the day I will check to make sure their is no spinach or brocolli bits in my teeth. There have been days where I pop into the ladies room and while washing my hands I look up into the mirror and am shocked to see that my hair is going in 232 directions and there are two pairs of glasses on my head instead of one. When I berate my companions for having not told me what a site I was, they just shrug their shoulders. I guess my eccentric-artist-look has become so much a part of me that no one questions it.

Any way, This picture is my self portrait. "What!!!" you exclaim! "You, the mandala artist did not create a mandala as your portrait?"

No, I didn't! Why? Because this portrait painted itself and told me it was me when it let me put the paint brush down!

At my age one knows not to argue with a painting.