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     If you’ve tried traditional publishing and it’s not working, maybe you’re thinking about self publishing. Or maybe you just don't want to deal with queries, agents, and publishers and feel you'll have more control if you do it yourself. So you surf around the internet for a while and check the many ads in your email. And what do you come up with? Probably,  a variety of articles or ads like the following. They gently (or not so gently) beckon to you to self-publish. Does this one look familiar?

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     Then to hook you, if you had any doubts in the first place, it ends with the following statement:

Some of our authors have sold their books at the following locations:

     Here it lists every well known bookstore you can think of, from Amazon to Barnes and Nobel.  Impressive right? So are you hooked? Well, some of you are, some are wavering back and forth, and others, like my-jaded-self are turned off. The thing is, you never know if these people are legit or not, so you have to spend your precious time asking writer friends what they think, going to your favorite writer sites and posting questions then chatting with the other members, or checking the organization or company out at the Better Business Bureau, Amazon, or wherever…Fun, huh?

I’m really curious…What would you, as a writer,  do in a case like this?

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