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The idea of extended office is simply that you expand your business – not in your own country, but to our first class facilities in Sri Lanka. What do you need? You can choose from development of projects, your own office or even your own company?


Offshore Development: If you only need to develop a product, a service, or an “app” we can help you. It is worthwhile to develop projects in a low cost country with our extended office. It is your own office located in Sri Lanka with the same calbre of staff sourced at fraction of the cost.

Make it success: Our Extended office solution is for overseas companies with the need for software development , HR Recruitment & Outsourcing , Call Center , Conceige – for projects – to expand your office –or to start up your own company. Lets make thngs easy , profitable and secure with an overseas owner in an exotic Sri Lanka.



An Outsourcing distination


Known for its sandy beaches, sparkling blue waters, elephants, and tea, Sri Lanka is also a number one outsourcing destination of year 2013 by the National Outsourcing Association, UK and ranked among the top 20 Outsourcing destination. Picked as the outsourcing destination of year by Gartner

With one of the highest literacy rates in Asia 92%, Sri Lanka is already home to off-shore development and joint venture development centers to several fortune 500 companies.



Why Envoy Holdings


As a leading oursourced Services Company operating in Sri Lanka, we take pride in being your partner in progress.


At Envoy

We go to great length to understand the vision, goals, and objectives of your company and ensure that we are aligned.

We originate a strategic plan that is in line with your company objectives.

We have absolute transparency in communications and support.

Each team is led by leading industry experts with over twenty years’ experience in the relevant field.

With team is led by leading industry experts with over 20 years’ experience in the relevant field. There is instant financial gratification for you.


Who We Are

Envoy Facility Management Services Pvt Ltd. Is an innovative provider of complete and integrated offshore? Solution to global enterprises. Our Clients receive a broad range of services from business registration and setup , off-shoring of finance and Human Resource , to provisions of a virtual office and all in between . Our diversity can be trailed to meet your specific organizational needs. Envoy facility Management Services Pvt Ltd. Commits to delivering high value services ; providing clients with low cost , high quality solutions. We provide a stable platform and are your pillers to help you achieve your highest potential and then some.