by Sharon Hurley Hall

It’s the start of another year of writing and blogging, with some great new work on the immediate horizon. Though I’m a big fan of always moving forward, the one exception is my writing portfolio, which I update at roughly half-yearly intervals.

Writing portfolio Sharon Hurley Hall 2016 Q3-4

The list includes my articles on OnePageCRM, which I’ve shared before but which are now on their new blog. Here are my top articles from the main sites I write for:

And here’s the rest of my work for the second half of last year:.

Crazy Egg

Main topics: conversion optimization, social media, content marketing, analytics

Pex Card – NEW!

Main topics: small business, mobility, finance

Growth Lab – NEW!

Main topics: marketing, writing, copywriting

Missinglett_r – NEW!

Main topic: blogging

Influential Content – NEW!

Main topics: content marketing, marketing, writing

These articles were previously published on Readz Magazine:

Search Engine People

Main topics: social media, content marketing, blogging

Crackerjack Marketing

Main topics: content marketing, social media, blogging

Mozy – NEW!

Main topic: technology

Oodle – NEW!

Main topic: social media


Main topics: productivity, marketing, freelance/solopreneur tips


An old article that somehow got missed.


A piece of work I did some time ago. However, I only just realized they credited me for editing the report, so here it is.

Guest posts



Podcast appearances

Personal essays

Sometimes I write about issues that don’t fit well here on Being Sharon, hosted on Medium. Here’s what I’ve published recently: