One week before the school starts, we  decided to go on a short road trip to Ohio.  We went to Tappan Lake and we  also went to  Sugarcreek where the Amish community are.  

 It is always nice to go there because we get to see a lot of farms along the way.  That is something that we enjoy when we go on a road trip.

 The Breitenbach Wine Cellars is something that might be good to explore someday.  We don't drink wine regularly but occasionally we do so this might be a good one to go to.  I believe that they also have cheese so that will be worth trying.

 This farm fencing always  gives me that charm.  For some reason, I always  anticipate  seeing horses when I see this kind of fence and yes, we did see some horses.

 My kids are fascinated how much corn are in the field.  My son exclaimed "Does every people eat corn?".  We old him that  corn are not ju0st for human consumption but  also for animals like cows.

 My husband is always the one driving so I  get to take pictures of just about anything when we are on the road.

 I thought that house is  cute.

 Driving through the road where you can see  lake is pretty awesome.

 It makes for a relaxing drive.

We want to go there  again maybe in Fall or Winter.  We want to see how it looks like in other season.  My favorite season for  road trips is Fall because I get to see the beautiful colors of trees!