Just thought I would share an organization/decoration trick that I have used since before Boston was born. Items that I am constantly reaching for I like to be in arms reach because let's face it, I'm lazy. So here's my little trick to having what you need close by but still look pretty. ?

Here it is, a cookie jar!

I'm not sure who actually puts cookies in their cookie jar, and if you do that is pretty amazing.

Cookie jars come in all shapes, sizes, and themes. They can be very pretty eye candy for your counters. I especially love this one lovely white one. I got from my mother in law when we moved into our house, it's simple & elegant.

Before I had Boston, I used to store our spare keys, mail keys & any keys we didn't use but needed to keep track of in my cookie jar. When Boston was a newborn, I filled the cookie jar with his soothers and moved the keys to a "key box" and as he got older and he started "keeping" his soothers with him aka hoarding them, I switched it up and now I use it for all medications, teething supplies, nail clippers & syringes. Now my husband knows exactly where all medications & the nail clippers are, baby sitters know, and if they don't a quick text, phone call saying "cookie jar" is all I have to say! It's all kept together and organized, I'm never searching in medicine cabinets for his Tylenol, or in drawers for a syringe when he needs it.

Close, organized & cute. Also, technically it doesn't say "cookies" on it so it's not THAT misleading. ?

This trick can be used for anything, certain spices you use frequently, toothpicks, baking supplies, such as food coloring bottles, cupcake liners, sprinkles. It can be used for bottle openers & smaller wine openers. How many times are you asked when you have guests over "do you have a bottle opener?", and then having to search threw your unorganized utensil drawer for 3 years to find one.... You can also keep your cookies in it.

Here is a similar one to mine on Wayfair, a site I frequent when purchasing home decor. HERE

OR this absolutely adorable one HERE , pineapple accents are really in right now & perfect for spring/summer. I love them!

BUT of course, check Homesense first.

PS. It's Valentines Day next week, I personally would love one if I didn't already have one.