Fat loss in the body can take a shorter or longer period depending on the individual. However, burning or loss of fat can take a very short period of time if proper diet is taken into consideration. Processed foods or refined sugars must be ignored and replaced with acceptable fats, protein and vegetables. Fibers and antioxidants should also be taken into consideration due to their ease of proper digestion and regulation of sugar in the blood. Observing the proposed meal plan would erase fear of regaining weight after loss if taken judiciously. Before we proceed let’s discuss some suitable food source for fat loss in the body.

Suitable Carbohydrates foods to be consumed when considering fat loss include fruits (natural sugars), oatmeal, legumes, sweet potato, yam, brown rice and bananas. However, fruits and legumes are far advisable for consumption due to their good fibre content and low starchy carbohydrates. Acceptable protein source includes; eggs, lean meats, cottage cheese, oily fish, pork, chicken, turkey, wheat bread and milk protein powders.

Vegetables with non-starchy source are recommended for consumption. Examples include lettuce, mushroom, broccoli, spinach, pumpkins, celery, cauliflower, cucumber, okra, onion, carrots, asparagus and cabbage. Fat source include; diaries, rawnuts, oils, fish avocado, flax-seeds, eggs and fat containing meat. Snacks would be included to the meal plan in order to consume five meals in a day. Snacks included at mid-morning meal be protein-carbohydrate source while mid-afternoon meal should be protein-fat source.

Breakfast is the most vital and necessary meal of the day as it’s responsible for quick metabolism and burning of fat replenishing glycogen in the body. Breakfast is always a combination of suitable protein and carbohydrate source. Afternoon meal can either be a combination of suitable protein/carbohydrate source or protein/fat depending on the level of activities and choice. Dinner meal is chosen as combination of suitable protein and fats.

A proper meal plan resulting to rapid loss of fat is given below:

Breakfast Meal (2-3 Servings)

  • Boiled white eggs + Cherries (blended)
  • Cottage cheese + kidney beans
  • Milk protein powder + Pineapple (blended)
  • Yoghurt + Apple (blended)

Mid-Morning Meal (1 Serving)

  • Boiled Eggs + Cantaloupe (blended)
  • Oily Fish + Water melon (blended)

Lunch Meal (1 serving)

  • Chicken + Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Wheat bread + Almond butter
  • Oily fish + Spinach/pumpkins
  • Lean meat + Marine/fish oils

Mid-Lunch Meal (1 Serving)

  • Peanuts + Avocados
  • Almonds + Small salad
  • Oily fish + olive oil

Evening Meal (1 Serving)

  • Chicken + Coconut oil + Broccoli
  • Turkey + Spinach
  • Cottage cheese + Walnuts
  • Eggs + Olive oil + Avocados
  • Lean meat + Celery + Coconut oil.

In addition to the above meal plan, regular water intake is needed to aid the transport system and quick metabolism in the body. Processed foods and refined sugars should also be avoided in order to limit sugar intakes which could lead to fat accumulation in the body. The Meal Plan given above has high content of vitamins, minerals and fibre which could augment appetite without gaining of fat.

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