Our son  turned  double digits this month.  We   celebrated his birthday party with close friends at our home last Saturday.  It's been a while since I hosted a birthday party so I was a bit nervous but knowing the people we invited, I was confident that the party will  go just fine.  This is actually our first time having a party at our new home so we were excited.  
We only invited few close friends as it wasn't that big of a party.  Two families are  our former neighbors  whom we call our family.  

 The Fancher's  are my children's  grandparents in the neighborhood, they  were there for my babies ever since we moved to our first home.  They have been our family for  ten years now, my kids call them Lolo and Lola (Filipino terms for grandma and grandpa).

 Our other neighbor whom we also call our family are the Howells.

 We also invited  EJ's Godparents, the Kinder's and the Brady's.

 EJ was happy to see his  god sisters Sophie and Jennifer.

Hosting a party can be  stressful but with good planning and preparation, you can relax  while waiting for the guests.  Here are simple hacks for a relaxing party.  
  • Make sure that you have a stack of  bathroom tissues in the bathroom.

  • Aside from towels, make sure that you have extra facial tissues in the  bathroom just in case  some guest  might want to  wipe their  face.

  • At this time of the year, chances are, you will have a guest that has cold or sniffle so make sure that you have  tissues in every part of the  room where guests will walk around.

  • Instead of   cooking all the food, spare yourself from too much  stress and order some food instead.  I prepared some dishes   but  I also ordered  some food  such as jojo potatoes, chicken strips, and pizza.  I also ordered  the cake since I am not really a baker.  Believe me I envy those Moms who can  bake their  children's birthday cake, I think that is very special.  I will post  a separate  one for all the  goodies at my food blog.

  • I used to use silverware and plates when  used to have our children's birthday party but found it hard to clean up after the party so I just buy paper plates and other disposable  material to use.  That way, they can just toss it  out in the garbage when they are done eating.  

  •  Prepare different kinds of beverage for your guests that way they h ave  a few variety to choose from.  

 I am glad that we have a  bigger house now because everyone has  a place to sit and  chit-chat.

 Since our son  loves football, we got him a  cake with a football design, he loves it.

 I really can't believe that my youngest, my only son, is  now ten years old.  Time really fly  very fast.  I am thankful that I am always home to  see every milestone my children has.  I rarely miss any event and I get to take care of them everyday.  That's the luxury of  working from home.  It might not be ideal financially  but it is ideal for my children's sake.

 He love all the gifts!  He  accumulated 100 dollars  from his birthday so he  now have a  small chunk  into his wallet.  He  has been saving his money because he wants to buy his own car when he is old enough to drive.  We will see if his savings will be enough to buy a car  in five years lol.

 Although he is into electronic/gadget, he still love to play   games like Nerf guns and other games so he was excited to see his new Nerf .guns.  He's got  many  already but I  actually put all of them in a container as I got tired of picking up  the bullets for him lol.

 One of the gifts that  he love also is the bounce off.

 We all had fun playing it.  Even when the  guests left, the four of us  played.

 I don't have many Filipino friends around here, I only invited those who are close and I interact often.

 It was a fun night for all of us.  I hope that we could get together again soon.

 My husband's birthday is  next month so maybe we can all get together again.

 Before they left, we took some family photo.

 Disclosure:  I received these Emerald tissue products from Shoplet but was not financially compensated for it.  I love that  these are made from by-products such as  sugarcane bagasse and wheat straw.  Emerald brand eliminates the need to cut down trees by utilizing   the traditionally wasted by-products I have mentioned  and turn them into  high quality paper and packaging solutions