Earlier this evening, I happened to see that Mike Foster had posted a video about green tea on Facebook, and it made me feel just a little bit foolish. I've got a couple of kinds of green tea in my cabinet, along with a number of other teas. I like tea. I know that tea contains anti-oxidants. And I have high cholesterol and a family history of heart disease. I have high blood pressure,and anti-oxidants reduce the risk of stroke. Anti-oxidants may impact the risk for diabetes, which my father has.

But do I drink the tea? Not too often. And there's just no reason for it. No excuse, either.

There are medications I don't want to take because of the possible side effects. There are foods I just don't want to give up because I love them. There are times when I'm just too tired to prepare a healthy meal and take a shortcut. But there's rarely a day when I don't have time to boil water. There's never a day when I just can't stomach the idea of sitting down with a cup of tea. I just don't drink tea because I just...don't think about it.

So I'm setting an easy goal today. I'm going to drink green tea at least once a day. I don't know how much that will have on my various health risks, but I know it's in the plus column, and that there's no downside--not even one that's just a product of my own whims.

So what simple, painless thing are you NOT doing to improve your health? Are you going to change it today, too?

Photo Courtesy of Carlos Porto via freedigitalimages.net