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Here some of the top sellers at Raw Almonds (No Shell) Raw Almonds (No Shell) consume these and stay healthy if you are aware about the almonds nutrition facts then you will be also aware about the fact that they are extremely good for your heart and overall health. This Grade 1 almond is 100% pure. These contain plenty of protein and calcium. Eat these and protect your heart from various diseases. These can be helpful for you for lowering your level of cholesterol due to the presence of mono unsaturated fat. These flavorful fresh Raw Almonds (No Shell) can be used to prepare toasted almonds. Order these almonds of the finest quality now and enjoy tasty yet healthy meals. Milk Chocolate Bridge Mix (Sugar Free) Exciting as its name, this assorted collection of yummy chocolates is designed exclusively for those who need to stay away from high sugar content. Variety of dry fruits such as raisins, peanuts, almonds, cashews and more are coated and smoldered in the rich, soft essence of milk chocolate, making your appetite satisfied at the fullest. Take a bite of this sinful delight and you will become you are sure to get hooked to its irresistible taste and flavor. Ingredients used in this bridge mix collection include cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, milk fat, soy lecithin, raisins, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, confectionery glaze etc. Apricots California If you think of a powerhouse of nature, you must get Apricots California for yourself. Rich in anti-oxidants and useful nutritious elements, these products can be a great snacking option for you. This product helps to fight many diseases such as lung problems, cancer and stroke. This kind of dried fruit is actually better than a lot of the normal food you would consume. This versatile product can be added to your daily diet. Interestingly enough, you could even puree them and use as it a substitute of fat. You could even come cross a number of dried apricot recipes that keep the food connoisseurs delighted. As a result these organic fruits have become a smart choice of food among many. Turkish Pistachios (Roasted & Salted) Pistachios Turkish presents a Nutritious snack just one click away. Want a nutritious snack and also tasty? Here we are offering you Pistachios Turkish which is a different variety of salted and roasted pistachios. It gives you a stronger and a vibrant flavor of pistachios. Try and see it for yourself. Cashew (Roasted, Unsalted) Roasted and Unsalted Cashew- tasty route to good health. Cashews are roasted in peanut oil till the perfect coloration and crunch is achieved. Unsalted cashews can be used in adding to both sweet and salty dishes. Being highly nutritious, it replenishes our body giving it high energy to work and withstand strain. These cashews can be used in cooking, adding to dishes and also serves as snacks. White Break-Up For those who love the dreamy feel of buttery essence more, the White Break-Up is the ultimate desire to avail. With low cocoa content, this chocolate bar is designed to help you experience the silky and smooth feel of white chocolate in 100% delight and happiness. Give your sweet teeth the unbeatable experience of this chocolate bar that can be your handy help to keep your cravings refreshed and enticed. The white break up bar of chocolate is made of cocoa butter, soya lecithin, sugar, milk chocolate, emulsifier and vanillin which together gives you the heavenly feel of ecstasy. Chocolate Rocks Incredibly amazing in design, the chocolate rocks are the perfect sweet delight for kids that can be used in decoration of chocolate brownies, fudge or other delicacies. Bright and multi-colorful, these milk chocolate rocks are available in different sized packages, with 640 pieces in every pack of one pound. Made of ingredients such as cocoa powder, nonfat milk powder, vanillin, artificial flavors, sugar, kernel oil, lactose, carnauba wax and titanium oxide of food grade, this bulk chocolate pack is your easy and sweet snacking item at hand. Dark Chocolate Pretzels with White Sprinkles Just a look at it and you are sure to fall in love with this new Pare Chocolate Pretzels with White Sprinkles. Made of real chocolate, that too dipped in white yoghurt sprinkles, this promises a yummy delight for all age groups. From parties to evening snacks, every moment can be made special with some of these chocolate covered pretzels that are sure to add unlimited glamour and gladness. Made from ingredients such as yeast, soda, sugar, flour, yogurt, artificial colors, vanillin, peanuts and more. Peanut Brittle Looking for a yummy snack and also a great holiday gift item? You must try Peanut Brittle. A decorative tin full of these crunchy snacks would not only be a pretty gift but also a mouthwatering treat. Made with the best ingredients ever, Peanut Brittle, the crunchy, salty, sweet snack would make you win over the heart of your man! The peanuts, the sugar, the brilliant cracks are all set to make you go gaga. String these in airtight containers would make you savor them for long. Keep them out of the reach of your kids; or else you would always find your containers empty!