NEW YORK — Today Six Flags will close its gates to launch Project 6, the company's first annual Day of Service. The entire Six Flags workforce will collectively press pause on all day-to-day duties to spearhead and participate in volunteer projects within their local neighborhoods aimed at improving overall quality of life. All full-time employees will join more than 55 organizations from the US, Mexico and Canada to hand-deliver Six Flags smiles to those in need this holiday season.

All local volunteer initiatives will benefit organizations dedicated to the needs of children and families, public welfare or environmental issues. Each Six Flags employee, representing a broad spectrum of talents ranging from entertainment to engineering, will be paired with a project that matches their expertise. For example, Rob Lindsay, Maintenance Supervisor and 14-year veteran of Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, will lend his knowledge to Project WARM, a nonprofit based in Louisville, Kentucky that provides free weatherization services for low-income families who can no longer afford their high utility bills. His services will range from hanging plastic over windows to repairing broken glass to changing furnace filters.

"Six Flags' geographic span, coupled with the size, talent and quality of our workforce puts us in a position to inspire real and timely change," said Walt Hawrylak, SVP Administration. "Project 6 reconfirms our commitment to corporate responsibility by helping the communities in which we work, reside and play."

According to The Corporation for National & Community Service, as the economy slows and nonprofit organizations struggle to provide services, volunteers have become even more vital to the health of our nation's communities. Six Flags provides a realistic solution for many of these organizations. With almost 4,000 full-time employees participating in Project 6, Six Flags will donate more than 28,000 hours of service in just one business day - time worth over $567,000.*

Interrupting operations sends a powerful message to employees and consumers about the importance of philanthropy. Not many companies will take a potential loss in revenue, much less a guaranteed loss. Nevertheless, Six Flags didn't ask employees to donate personal time, instead Six Flags donated a day of work. It shows true leadership when a company takes such initiative.