Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


The prompt word for this week’s Six Sentence Story is ‘Pine’

Friend of the Doctrine zoe’s rhetorical calisthenics, down in the proscenium in twenty minutes!! Hurry, don’t be late!

This (that you may or may not be reading) is a very, very early warm-up. Warm-up words are essential to my participation in the rather cool, totally challenging and always satisfying Six Sentence Story ‘hop. As the name implies: stories, six sentences and a use/relationship/bearing on in some manner the week’s chosen word.


Unspoken tales and legends scribed in scent and carcasses tell of your people, one queen and innumerable brothers, thriving and roaming the earth since the late Cretaceous, cities of mud and leftovers reaching towards the equatorial sun. It is a life of constant work, the pull of fatigue shared on shoulders and carapaces as weary as your own, there is no skyward to tempt your sight, the future is ahead and slightly upwards, always and without exception. You sense the presence of God’s work in mirrored forms that teem, supporting, carrying and, ultimately passing over, your final contribution to upwards progress.

Being hungry is trait, to a dinner never late, 2 forks and 2 knives, un-napkined chitin, the ranks and files with none but one knowing their place in the house of Isoptera. Your queen and all-mother, the reason for the world and the urgency in your endless toil, upwards the city grows, carrying the earth to the sun.

You feel a hard jostle, scents of impatience and insensate passion, ‘over to the south, tunnels blocked by paradise, it is a vein of Pine, let us dine!’