Happy Update:
So it's going to be a week tomorrow since my last post and I have managed to get out of plateau. Last night I cheeked my weight and it said 135.3 I was literally screaming, so happy. I think the Tiny Tea is really working along with my endlessly effort of trying to eat healthy and not eat at night.

The only thing I am concerned about is that my weight keeps fluctuating in an average of 2 pounds depending on the time I weight myself. For example this morning it said I was 136.2 when the night before I was 135.3, it just gets me a bit paranoid wondering to myself "gosh how did I gained one pound during the night?" I guess I need to take a chill pill! I have heard that it's completely normal for the body to do that because we retain water but its still a bit confusing to see different numbers thru out the day, maybe I should only weight myself once a week?

In the good note my night eating binges have gone down!!! I think I have only done it twice this week so going from every night to 2/7 its awesome! I still however feel I should ask my doctor when I see him this week and see what he can recommend to me.

Ohh!!!...I almost forgot I bought a dumbbell of 12lb in target it was $18.99 and I been using it as much as I can,  I was so sore yesterday. Maybe later I can go up to 15 and so on! I really want to get muscular as heck! So say hello to future awesome tone arms Daisy!!!!! (Affirmations take great role in a journey of change and personal growth like this one).
This is me drinking tiny tea in the morning while I get ready for the day! It really seems to make me happier and less bloated. I highly recommend it!