Good Sunday everyone! Today's Topicability blog post was completely spontaneous and unplanned. You see, this morning when I went to access my Squidoo dashboard, I was presented with the Squidoo Splash Page instead. It seems that I was logged out and was needing to log back in to get to my dashboard.

So, I am one who makes the very best of the occasion ... time for a Topicability blog post on the Snapshot of Squidoo Splash Page! And, how appropriate that this being a snapshot, that one of the prominent buzzwords I see in the official Wordle tag cloud ... ah, that would be Photo folks!

Well, actually Best and Photo too!  Other prominent buzzwords include Things, Ideas, Top, Home, List, Coloring, Make, Death, Quotes, Fun, and World.  And, that is a view of the top folks!

Wordle: Squidoo Splash Page of Top 5 Lenses in Topics

What is the Squidoo Splash Page? Why it is a "view of the top," it is a view of the top 5 Squidoo lenses in each of 30 Topics or Categories on Squidoo.  Milling around the SquidU Forum, one can hear much often times about the Squidoo Splash Page ... oh, it doesn't change; the same people are dominating or monopolizing the categories; it's not correct; some lenses shouldn't be there; or some lensmasters express pride at having more than one lens on that splash page; oh, lots of things are said!

You know I was one of the several Squidoo lensmasters who has made suggestions to improve the showcase of the splash page LIKE: oh, let's make it a magazine style; let's showcase more lensmasters and lenses to not show favoritism; let's do a slideshow -- oh, we did have something like a slideshow once upon a time.  I'm not sure how that slideshow panned out, but for me, I was seeing the same lensmasters over and over again.  I'm thinking a cascading slideshow, thumbnails to cycle through more than the top 5 lenses in each topic or category.  I'm thinking NOT a static page ... let's showcase as many worthy lenses and lensmasters as we can and not the usual, same players who might be dominating or monopolizing the topics.

Let's make it like GOING to the MOVIES ... Time-out for a commercial to introduce you to some best, top picks in camcorders!  I've actually bought the Panasonic for my other half, and the Canon for ME! You might have seen MY first videos ===> these little bandits will surely capture your soul(s) too!  My prediction: YOU will be seeing MORE videos of Jacksonville Florida soon.  ;)

And, I am for the platform of a turkey in everyone's oven with stuffed cabbage rolls cooking on the stovetop!  Oh, did you happen to see my lenses on Stuffed Cabbage and My Platform -- For the People? Yes, I am FOR the people and for non-partisanship and equality. I hate politics, you know? But, I surely DO love Stuffed Cabbage Rolls -- like my grandma Julia Nagy made!

Hello all you regular Squidoo readers! You surely know by now that I've been profiling a view of the top 100 of the various Squidoo Topics.  We will return to this series really soon!  Here are the previous top 100 Topicability blog posts:

Oh wow!  Have you seen Squidoo du Jour -- The Top Lens ... will there be a NEW lens at the top soon? Were YOU brave enough to actually participate in the Hey Monkeybrain debate of mine about Squidoo Stats -- Public or Private? Well then ... Rock on with your good selves!