Female Cardinal

Before the season of winter fully sets in, there is an abundance of activity around my yard with the melodies of songbirds, those staying all winter and those just stopping by to vocalize a tune before flying off to warmer climes; the ever-social crows and starlings calling to each other; a hawk perched in the bare branches of an oak tree; and gray squirrels busy scurrying about frantically gathering and hiding nuts.

This year there was an added treat of spotting a young buck white-tail deer just casually strolling through my suburban neighborhood. Deer will occasionally come into the neighborhood (and sometimes into my yard), there is a wooded park nearby, but often it’s at dawn or dusk and they very quickly move on. To see one just slowing walking around, not running, just taking his time as if he’s out for an afternoon stroll is not that common. This young deer paused in my neighbor’s yard across the way and stood still long enough for me to quickly grab my camera and take some snapshots before he left…just as if he were posing for the camera!

Sharing some snapshots from around my yard ~



Mourning Dove

Catbirds in conversation

Blackbird in the autumn leaves

Starlings...high wire act

Crow proudly announcing the piece of foil she found

Cooper's hawk with his back to the camera
(there was a light snowfall that day)

Gray Squirrels

Running along the fence by the autumn leaves

Munching on a nut

Squirrel scurrying up the tree


Young buck white-tail deer strolling through my neighborhood

Hope you enjoyed the snapshots!  

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