<em><span style="color: #2a9de5;">The need for social interaction has always been there. It was just a matter of time for a vehicle to be born that could fuel such a need. In the 90’s cellphones became available to the ordinary person and SMS’es were flooding networks. Due to the lack of media options the demand to socially connect grew, even though we did not even know it.</span></em>

By the time Facebook arrived, it was like the prick on a balloon full of emotions that busted and flooded the electrical waves creating an immediate online footprint for humanity. It was not Facebook that started social media, it has always been there.

Facebook basically pushed the ball to roll and now several companies has joined in for the ride like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

One of Maslow’s needs clearly state that humans want to feel a sense of love and belonging.

Social media are platforms that allow us to connect to a world the way we want to connect. It might not be a true world, however we all want part of it. It is a way of feeling connected to what we believe are real lives of people in a world where work, news and clutter seem to increase. Social media is the platform for humans to selectively connect on an emotional level. It is the most intimate place a company or brand can reach a customer. Social interaction can be seen as a wild animal. You never really know what is going to happen. Social media puts the concrete on it - seal the deal No turning back, rather forces you to deal with the situation.

Global view of social media to South African view of social media: Its not the question of view but rather the question of accessibility. Humans tend to all fall in certain stream of behaviors due to social pressure. The stereotypical devision just fuels the current. This leads me to the understanding that view points differ in terms of current not streams and also differ based on an accessibility level not out of geographic location. With this said South Africa is catching up slowly but surely and it looks like we are deciding on taking social media more serious than ever.

Using social media is a personal decision and only the user can decide if this will have a negative or positive impact on their lives.

Social media influence to business and brand awareness. It can effect a business on every level, from financial to brand asset value. Positive brand awareness has always been key, and with today’s clutter and emotional instability of people it becomes difficult to achieve this all the time. Like mentioned previously social interaction should be seen as a wild animal. Brands must be prepared to take the consequences of being in that unpredictable environment. And like in the wild, sometimes things just go to a point of little or no return.

Take for example what happened with Woolworth’s Facebook page in 2012. They had to take down their Facebook page, since the bad comments / publicity would just not end. And even though they took it off, people continued to talk about Woolworths although their page was deactivated.

Social media can have a positive effect on a business, however businesses must recognise that the platform is not there for pure branding. People are not uninformed anymore and they will take any gap they get to give you their feedback whether this is damaging or not. Rather than going out there as a brand, rather send your staff as representatives and get them to comment and post with their names. Almost like a DJ for a radio station. People are more lenient on people than businesses.

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