Social media platforms have increased greatly in popularity and only continue to do so at rapid speed. One of the most popular social media platforms is Twitter. There are over 232 million active users on Twitter worldwide. With so many followers, it can be hard to get your brand and business out there. If you are having trouble finding the right tools to help you manage your Twitter, keep reading because this is for you. We have found the best Twitter tools for all your social media management needs.


To Help Find Followers:

– Looking for new users to follow in businesses similar to yours? wefollow helps you find the top users in different markets. You type in a category such as fashion, music, or weather and they will give you Twitter’s top users in each category. From there you follow the accounts you believe are a good fit for your brand. [Source]

Twibs – wefollow allows you to find top users in the user directory, while Twibs allows you to search for top businesses in the business directory. Similar to wefollow, you type in a category and it will give you the top business users for you to follow and interact with. [Source]


To Help Manage Accounts:

Buffer – Once you tweet, it becomes hard to stop sharing your thoughts online. Unfortunately your followers do not want to be monopolized so Buffer helps by allowing you to tweet as much as your heart desires but instead of sending all the tweets at once, it will send them out at different times throughout the day. [Source]

Socialoomp – Socialoomp like other services allows for tracking and scheduling of tweets but what sets them apart is the fact that you can also schedule direct messages to your new followers. Socialoomp is free but you can upgrade to the professional account to receive extra features. [Source]

Hootsuite – Hootsuite makes it easy to track and manage multiple accounts at once. It beats the competition when it comes to tracking users and topics. Hootsuite is a premium program offered for free for up to five social profiles. [Source]

TweetDeck – Tweetdeck is an all-in-one management app. Tweetdeck works best for posting updates, but only allows for use on one computer at a time. Like Hootsuite, you can use their service, which “allows you to create shortened URLs that can direct your followers to Tweets that exceed the normal 140-character limit.” [Source]


To Help Clear Out Inactive Accounts:

– Tweepi is an easy way to help clean out your followers. If at anytime you notice that many of your followers are inactive then Tweepi can clear them off your Twitter, and can also clear un-followers. Tweepi promotes you to follow Twitter users with your relative interest. Tweepi gives you two premium options to choose from (Silver or Platinum). [Source]

Refollow – On the opposite spectrum of wefollow, Refollow allows you to clear out users that are inactive. There are also other filters in the app that allow you to categorize your users. These controls are only available in the premium service. “However, with the free account you can still create new lists from the segments you identify or add and remove people to and from existing lists. You can also block people to make sure that your lists stay permanent.” [Source]


To Help Grow Your Popularity:

Twibes – Social media’s goal is to connect people who share similar thoughts and interests. Twibes organizes Twitter conversations by topic, making it easier for you to find them, stay up to date, and participate. Participating in these groups is a great way to build connections, and gain followers. [Source]

Triberr – Triberr “is an invitation-only exclusive network”. Triberr is a great community app that lets you share content to like-minded Twitter users in your tribe, and who will, in turn, share with their users. This will help you get retweeted by influential people and give you the attention your business deserves. Triberr is good for social sharing and influence marketing. [Source]


To Help When Tweeting:
– Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet and sometimes that is just not enough for the content you want to share. lets you shorten a link that is rather lengthy. It also allows users to send links to multiple accounts and customize shortened domains to highlight their brands. [Source]


Twitter can be an effective tool to get your company the attention it deserves, but only if executed correctly. Make sure you use these tools to help you see an increase in your Twitter influence. What great Twitter tools are you using? We would love to hear about them!