My garden is incredibly thirsty.

And more than that, it seems to be very self-aware, very in tune to its need for rain.

The amount of water perennials can draw in through their roots is simply astonishing. They are like children who have consumed an inordinate amount of popcorn - parched. Insatiable.


They can't seem to get enough. The rain falls - and there they are, slurping and sucking and greedily drawing in more, more, more.

It's like they know. Like they are aware of their tenuous grasp on life. Like they have thought out the ramifications of not taking in enough moisture. Like they understand that when the rain comes, they must hold onto the blessing somehow.

And like the little Sunday School song goes, they sing in the rain, Fill my cup, Lord. Fill it up, Lord. Come and quench this thirsting in my soul...

This little balloon flower is living motivated by a bolder faith than I. It knows, not only its own need, but where the blessings come from. It holds out its little empty cup, and waits expectantly for it to be filled. Sometimes being thirsty means you need to hold out a cup. Sometimes we need to raise empty hands before they can be filled. Sometimes the only way to cram enough into the holes, we need to see that we are holey.

And the only direction blessings come from is up.

    Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

Holding out a cup is an act of expectation and faith. I am thirsty  - I need a drink. If I hold this cup out, someone will fill it for me. It admits need and expects the need to be filled. And James insists that every good gift, every blessing, is ultimately authored by God - the beauty of creation. Love. Romance. Purpose. Creativity. Touch. Security. Kindness. Every act, quality, instinct, impulse, vocation or interaction, every emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and physical blessing is directly or indirectly because of God. Holding out a metaphorical cup for Him to fill our needs demands a posture of faith - I am thirsty. I need. If I hold this cup out, Someone will fill it.

Are you thirsty?

Where are you expecting to have that thirst quenched?

Don't short-change yourself, friend. Every good gift ultimately comes from God Himself. What might happen if you admitted your thirst, and asked (and waited) for your needs to be met legitimately and thoroughly by a loving God?

Fill my cup, Lord...