There are no people in the world we love as much as our children. And there are no people in the world that can annoy us as much as our children. They are masters at bringing forth the worst in us. But, no matter how frustrated you are, speak wisely to your children!

It is so interesting to think back to my very own childhood. I do not remember lots of conversations we had in our home, but I do remember small sentences here and there. Some of the sentences I remember from my childhood are fueled with positive energy, while others are loaded with negativity. What kind of sentences do you want your children to remember from their childhood?

One negative sentence that I still remember

I remember once going on an excursion with my home church. We had a great time and I played football with my friends. Later I sat down together with a guy when a fly sat down on my arm. My friends first comment was „The flies like to sit on the stool (poop).” It was meant as a funny comment, and it was. But, for some reason I still remember the comment. I have never suffered because of it, but still – these are not the kind of comments you want to remain in the head of your children for a lifetime.

Two positive sentences that I still remember

Encourage your childrenLuckily I remember way more positive stuff from my childhood. I remember coming home from a football match with car. My dad was driving and it was raining a lot. He was driving very slowly and I asked why? In my young mind we would get less rain on our car if we drove quickly. Now that might not have been a smart idea from me, but my fathers reply was „That is in fact quite smart.” Now we didn't go faster, but the fact that he praised my idea and called it smart still remains in my head today!

I loved sports as a youngster and I played both football and handball. One year the handball practice were moved to Sunday mornings and I wanted to go. My father said no. Instead I had to go to church. I remember crying a little bit, but then my father said: „I will become a better handball player by going to church.” I did not understand that back then, but it has become one of his sayings that has followed me through my life.

Just like I blog on and encourage others, I hope that my children one day will remember words I said to them that fueled them with energy and maybe blog about those in the future.

Stay alert – your next saying might be what will follow your children for a lifetime

I am probably saying this just as much to myself as I am saying it to you. We better stay alert and try to give as much positive and encouraging words to our children as possible. I can not foretell which words will remain in their thoughts for a lifetime, but I for sure hope the words remaining will be positive and constructive words instead of negative and destroying words!