My visit to Splurge Bakery ended with me taking home a bag filled with mini whoopie pies. That’s when I realized exactly what I was dealing with – the delightful people I had just met working at Splurge are not messing around! I am no food critic but those chocolate cakes melted in my mouth and the creamy marshmallow center and edible glitter delicately dazzled on top were divine. It doesn’t matter if you are in the Millburn area or not, go to this bakery!

I don’t like to do too much research on my destinations before visiting because I like to get the full “first-time” experience. I was expecting Splurge to be a quaint bakery with your ordinary treats but when one of the employees brought this out to me to photograph, I discovered that I was very wrong.


 She then proceeded to present me with these amazingly colorful cake pops. They were so much fun to photograph!



And then she brought me to cupcake heaven…

DSC_0054          Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.09.34 PM

 Cookies ‘n’ Cream, S’mores, Carrot Cake, and Peanut Butter Cup are just some of the flavors pictured here. Splurge has plenty of other flavors as well and always have a full stock of classic chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet flavors in their case ready for your devouring needs! And that’s not just it..

Delicious cannoli shells just yearning to fulfill their cream-filled destiny.


 Gifts upon gifts ready for any special person in your life (or yourself – hey, why not).


And how could we forget those whoopie pies? Those sparkly whoopie pies!


Everything at Splurge is baked to order and handmade, making everything as delicious as it looks. It also makes for a great place to hold your next party or event!


This bakery is filled with love from owner Julie, one of three I got the pleasure to meet, down to the smallest cookie. Keep up with everything Splurge below!

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Address: 105 Main Street, Millburn NJ