If you're a constant  visitor of this blog, you will know that I love seafood (shrimp, fish, lobster, etc.)  I grew up in a coastal area in the southern part of the Philippines so fish was something that we have in the table  almost everyday.  When I came here in the States, I miss  the fresh fish that I used to eat from back home.  Over here, I can only buy frozen ones from the store and it's not the same.  But over time, I got use  to it.  Having  frozen  seafood available is better than nothing.
I receive this fish grill basket from Cavetools and love it because it makes  grilling and cooking fish not messy.  This fish basket is available in two sizes, small and large.  I got the large one because I like  grilling milk fish sometimes and they are often available in   big sizes.
I like that it can be easily open and close due to its intuitive locking system on the side (shown below).    It is  dishwasher safe so it is easy to clean.  The large size  cost $28.99  via amazon .  You can buy it with 15% Off by using this  code  L8WIFQPU upon checkout.
During summer time, I  love grilling salmon and swordfish steaks.  I don't always have  swordfish  but I buy it once in a while when we go to the Asian  store in Pittsburgh.  Another fish that I like is milk fish, we call this kind of fish "bangus" in the Philippines.  
Our grill ran out of gas so I just cooked the milk fish in the oven.  I love that you don't have to worry about your fish sticking to the grill.  Clean up is easier too since you can just  put the  fish basket in the dishwasher after  you're done cooking.  
I love the fact that even on winter times, I can still eat  fish without making the whole house smells like fish.  This grill basket will help me  cook it without so much mess.  Thank you Cavetools!  
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