Disruptor Beam, the developers behind the mobile game Star Trek™ Timelines, announced in a newsletter today that the game is now available in Facebook Games and Facebook Gameroom. This makes the game more accessible and open for new Trekkies and Trekkers.

Not only that, they revealed what’s coming in the game’s biggest update to date — version 1.6.0.

Star Trek™ Timelines, a mobile game that originally launched in Android and iOS, is set in the universe that The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and the Enterprise series has left. Players can play their favorite heroes and even villains to build their dream crew, explore the galaxy, and lead Starfleet through a crisis threatening the very fabric of space-time.

Today, this same game is now available in Facebook Games and the Windows PC desktop application, Facebook Gameroom. This makes Star Trek™ Timelines no longer just a mobile game but a desktop MMORPG.

What I like with this is the fact that we can continue our treks. Unity in diversity, I mean, one account, many devices. Captains can continue their game and switch between — Android, iOS, Facebook Games, or the Facebook Gameroom desktop application — without losing any progress.

Disrupter Beam also revealed the new features that will come with the largest update to the game when version 1.6.0 is released. Some of these are:

  • More Crew Slots. The cap on crew slots has been raised to 50 additional slots and the cost of the highest tier of crew slot purchases has been reduced by 500 dilithium.
  • Faction Shop Crew Purchases. Each faction shop will now have a slot where crew aligned with that faction can be purchased for dilithium. These crew will be randomly selected every day and will include Legendary and Limited Time crew.
  • Supply Kits. New Supply Kits will be available in the Time Portal. These kits provide a valuable 24-hour boost reducing the chroniton cost of missions, providing bonus credits, and increasing crew experience gains. Multiple kits can also be purchased at once.
  • Weekend Advanced Cadet Challenges. Every Sunday, players will be able to complete Advanced Cadet Challenges using rare crew to earn exciting new rewards.
  • Replicator Fuel. Earned from completing the Advanced Cadet Challenges, this resource is highly efficient in the replicator.

Visit Star Trek™ Timelines on Facebook Games or download Facebook Gameroom on your Windows PC to get started.