Arlington, Va. - In the battle to sustain natural resources, one area of focus remains offsetting carbon dioxide by replenishing forests. And recently, Starbucks and Conservation International (CI) partnered to help protect the forests, which naturally consume and offset carbon dioxide. This program began on Mar. 9 and will run through the end of the year.

This program partnership works by allowing customers to initiate a green program when they purchase any Starbucks products with the new CI Starbucks card. Starbucks will automatically donates five cents of each purchase to CI. The CI Starbucks card can be used as a gift card or for personal use.

“We have long shared our customers’ commitment to the environment,” said Ben Packard, vice president of Starbucks Global Responsibility. “Partnering with organizations like Conservation International allows Starbucks to give our customers an opportunity to make simple, sustainable decisions that collectively make a big difference.”

Upon receiving the donations from Starbucks, CI will allocate the money raised to protect and restore forests. Part of CI’s mission is to secure a globally stable climate.

“The involvement of Starbucks and their customers provides a tremendous boost to global forest conservation and climate solutions,” said Justin Ward, vice president of Business Practices at Conservation International. “We value our long term relationship with Starbucks and we are pleased that support raised from the Preservation Card will benefit sustainable management of the world’s natural resources.”

The program is another excellent example of how partnerships can successfully attain the common goal that enriches the community while allowing people to participate in a personal, local, and global way.