Winter Style Wrap Coat

Winter Style Wrap Coat

Winter Style Wrap Coat

Coat: ℅  Tahari (on sale) | Denim: Rag & Bone | Shoe: Jeffrey Campbell | Turtleneck: Pine Cashmere | Belt: Saint Laurent | Sunglasses: Celine

 I took most of last week off from posting, wanting to take some time off to spend it with my family. It was our first holiday as a family of three and even though Nate doesn’t understand anything just yet,  the holidays have never been so special. As always, I felt guilty for not being as active on the blog and on social media, but I had Keith remind me that it was okay to take a few days off.

One of my goals going into 2017 is to be more present. I’ve said it before, but nothing makes time go quicker than watching your baby grow up. We all kind of stand still in time (or so it seems), but watching a little person grow up at some a rapid pace is quite the reminder to live more in the moment. It’s amazing how much more I see or get done when I put my phone away for a bit.

Another one of my goals is to practice gratitude on a daily basis. I know I sound a bit Oprah-ish when I say that, but it’s pretty astonishing what that can do for the soul. I have one friend who is always in a good mood and not in one of those annoying ways, but in a way that makes you want to always be around him. One day during dinner, I asked him what his secret was and his response: “Every morning, as soon as I wake up, I write down five things I’m thankful for.” It seems so simple, almost too simple, but he assured me that in doing so, he started off each day on a positive note. You know the saying, positive attracts positive.

Enough of my rambling, but I just wanted to share those with you. I cannot thank you all enough for reading my blog, commenting, making me feel like I know some of you and allowing me to share parts of my life with you. You guys are the best!