This is a sponsored post and all mentioned here are my opinion and experiences.

I will be celebrating my nth birthday in less than a week now. And as a young adult, should I say I am, I need to make myself to be always and stay fit and healthy. With my busy schedule, I almost can’t perform my morning 10-minute treadmill walking and running every day. Birthday CakeIn fact, sometimes, my hubby even suggests to enroll me directly to a gym studio for me to religiously have my routine exercise be realized and to keep myself fit even I am physically and mentally exhausted from hospital duty and home based jobs as well.

I know my hubby is just concern with my health, inside and out, but I hardly can find time to escape from my work. I know multivitamins and supplementations are not enough because I need to sweat out also for me to maintain flawless healthy skin.

One time, my friends mentioned some obvious wrinkles when we dine out. The other also was destructed with my untrimmed eyebrows. But because it’s not my attitude to trim and wear make-up, they just suggested to have me see a parlor to do all beauty stuff for myself. I first disagreed because I found those stuff unnecessary and would just cost more from my pocket. Therefore, what they did was to offer me Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons coupons for me to utilize and have myself the pampering I need even just for once a month or so. Included in these coupons are for eyelashes extensions, which, according to them, would best fit to my eyebrows after being trimmed.

I checked on the website they shared and I was able to find out a lot more health, beauty and wellness groupons I could use. I also showed it to my hubby and he was interested in trying one for men.

These groupons sure to help every beauty and wellness conscious save more from their pockets as these offer great discount in select shops to stop by for a pampering beauty session.