Last Saturday was a fun night for my family.  We celebrated  EJ's 10th birthday.  I cooked some food  and we also bought some as addition.  When I used to have a  party for my children's  birthdays, I used to cook everything but it can be tiring.  I stopped hosting a party when they started  going to school but  we thought of having one  this year since it's a great milestone for our little guy.  
I cooked some  pancit bihon (rice noodles).  My parents always told me that rice noodles signifies long life lol.  So on birthdays, we  either have  spaghetti or noodles.

 I also  baked some  pigs in a blanket, kids love these kind of food.

 As my daughter's request, I made some garden rotini pasta salad.

 Then we made a bowl of fruit salad for dessert.

 We also  bought a tray of pizza from DiCarlo's.

 My husband suggested that instead of me cooking that we can just buy some of the food so I can rest while waiting for the  guests.  I was all for it, approved!

 Chicken  strips and jojo potatoes.

Doritos for snacks is one of the kids favorite pick-me-up bites.

 Soda for beverages.

And since our birthday boy is a football fanatic and a huge fan of Steelers, we got him a Steeler designed cake.  Half of it is chocolate and half is vanilla.

We have left overs  so I did not cook the next day yay!  That's one good thing about  hosting a party at home, you have left overs n the next day and you don't have to worry  about cooking.