The 7-week Stop Worrying Today Course is now open again to join.

If you join during this period you also get free life-time access to all the material in my The Invincible Summer – A Course in Optimism as a special bonus.

Plus, you get free access to 6 brand new bonuses I created over the summer (if you joined the course earlier this year and didn’t get an email about the new bonuses yesterday email me and I’ll reply with the download links).

The registration to join this course will only be open for 5 days this time, until 1.00 p.m EDT (that’s 17.00 GMT) on Monday the 5:th of September.

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I started working on this course last fall but it all started over 10 years ago when I made a decision to not let this toxic habit limit and control my life.

And this course is filled with all the best things I have learned about that in the past decade.

These are the strategies, exercises and simple step-by-step methods that have helped me to stop worrying so much.

The habits that have been a true life-changer for me.

A year from now, where are you going to be?

Each week of the course you’ll get a written guide, a worksheet to help you gain better understanding of your own situation and results as you go through the course and an audio version of that week’s guide that you can listen to anywhere when you need a boost.

At the end of the weekly guide you’ll get just a few specific action-steps to take that week to minimize the risk of you feeling overwhelmed and getting lost in worry again.

Because I want as many as possible to not only to read the information. But also to take small steps forward each week to make a real and lasting change in their lives.

In this course you’ll for example learn how to:

  • Understand the 5 basic reasons for worrying. So you can understand yourself better and where you need put your attention.
  • Use the same small, 3-step method I use to put a stop to a worry in about 2 minutes so that I can relax and fully put my focus and energy into what I want.
  • Start your day with a morning routine that only takes a few minutes and will get you off to a day of less worries popping up in the first place.
  • Work through and overcome persistent worries by using a step-by-step exercise that will help you to finally see the situation and what you can do about it with clear eyes.
  • Stop getting lost in worries, fear and in limiting yourself so much. And start living a lighter, happier and less anxious life where you go after – and stay on course towards – what you deep down want in your life.

And a whole lot more.

The window to join The Stop Worrying Today Course closes at 1.00 p.m EDT (that’s 17.00 GMT) on Monday the 5:th of September.

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