College graduation- one of the best highlights in one's life where you think you've succeeded enough.  Just when you thought you knew everything, voila! Here comes the working life. I have yet to experience it for myself, and from what I've heard, it's not as always how we imagined it. So my friend and I came up with the idea of comparing student life and working life by making these images.

1. The Clothes and Overall Appearance
I've had my internship in a company and I've learned to dress appropriately. Although we are allowed to wear casual clothes, most of my co-workers look utterly presentable. Well what I'm trying to say is, jeans and tee combination could be nice, but once you get to work, you don't get to wear them as freely as you do in your college days. When I go to school and take my classes, I prefer wearing comfortable clothes, comfortable enough that I really despise wearing corporate attire, especially high heels (when I'm scheduled for a class report). But now, I don't feel bad about wearing them, like these kind of clothes made me upgrade my wardrobe at some point. 

2. The Part where You Go Out with Friends
This is a difficult phase since we tend to lose a number of people that we thought we could keep for good. In school, a student is usually constrained to fix issues or conflicts towards his/her co-students. This is a better option since you and your 'college friends' are still going to spend another year or two to cooperate with school stuffs. But once the rope is cut, you'll eventually find out who the real ones are because, no matter how different your time tables might be, each one of you will find a way to be a part of the ongoing journey, and prove that the bond doesn't simply end on the college chapter. 
3. Changing of Numbers and Data Plan
I've had couple of friends already subscribed to postpaid plan since we were in College. If there would be a key difference, they might have to pay the expenses instead of their parents? Of course you just can't go on forever having your mom or dad answering all the 'real world' expenses for you. 
4. Idealism and High Expectations
As a student, I can guarantee that I've always had high and brimming hopes of getting my dream job, or the idea of learning to have passion for the job that I initially dislike. I would always think that life is extremely ten times more convenient once you finish schooling and finally get a work. But it doesn't simply go on like that. But like a song says "You see it's easy to ignore trouble when you're living in a bubble". You could change the rails, but usually, it's not really that easy. 
5. The Stupid and Annoying People
In college, you can tolerate your insubordinate classmates (a sweet payback during project evaluation would be nice), or if it's not a forced-pair or alphabetically-grouped kind of project, you could choose your friends to create an effective group. In the corporate world, you're one of the luckiest persons in the world to have your best friend as your teammate. For fresh graduates, they will have to readjust with meeting new people, or having assigned to a team that can be cooperative or rather incompetent. It's always a better option to think of ways of having the project accomplished first (one of which is coping up with the burdensome teammates) than totally ignoring your annoying teammates or co-workers.
6. The Friday Syndrome
On a scale of 1-5, Monday would always be the least favorite and of course! Friday is as precious as weekend deluxe. Ever had that habit of counting the days, and when it's Friday you get replenished, which is kind of ironic since it's the last day, eh?
7.  The Holidays, Storm Signal Suspensions, and Vacations
I've had my school claimed as waterproof since we don't get to experience suspensions very much than other universities do. But usually, employees would be aloof of signal 1 or 2 suspensions (since they know the answer). On the other hand a two-week semester break of a student would bring equal joy to a three-day vacation leave of an employee.
8. Financial Status
In usual cases, students don't fully understand the painstaking process of budgeting. If they receive a monthly allowance from the parents, it's still considered a short-term budgeting. However, even if employees get to receive a much (and obviously) larger salary by now, their expenses and to-buy list also accumulate in time, which is why it's not surprising if employees still feel insufficient at times, but on the other hand, more resourceful and budget-conscious.
9. Eating and Gaining Weight
When you're a student, you could care less about eating a whole pizza. But once you get to work, you immediately feel heavier than you used to like, "Something is wrong, but maybe it's just my imagination?" But then you can't sleep at night, having the urge to check your weight, you realized you already are a 120-pound, diabetic human either craving for chocolates, seafood, and other name-it-all hefty servings. You've never been that determined to jog every morning or get enrolled on a zumba class, have you? It's time to get nostalgic about the sexy, skinny photos in your college album!
It could be a warning or anything, but this might really help you determine possible changes once you get there. To everyone coming aboard to the corporate world (and to those who stepped earlier on the pedestal), I wish you all the best and may the odds be ever in your favor!