6 a.m A wet and very dark morning in the middle of December. A young man drives his car, perhaps to fast. He might be a bit late for work. He drives on the rather badly lit road. Suddenly from nowhere a person shows up. To late. The impact on the car must be enormous. The windscreen is crushed.
I can only imagine the panic the driver must feel.

6 a.m, A young woman, a colleague is stepping of the bus. heading for work. She wears dark clothes as very popular these days. She crosses the road. The car that she probably sees, seems not to stop to let her cross over, the car she think will stop for her might not see her.The car she sees might drive to fast. The impact is hard, it is brutal.
Almost immediately her life is lost. A mother, sister, brother loses a child, sibling .Lots of people lost a dear friend.
A death so tragical effecting so many people, easily could be avoided by reflectors, low speed, bright street lamps or speed bumps.
It must feel hard for the closest to her and to the driver. But I hope they choose to lean on God, for when we are at our weakest He is at his strongest.