Augusts Summer Session topic is Back to School, which includes arts education, pedagogy, and all types of learning, formal or otherwise. Today we direct our readers to a list of resources for women of color faculty in academia, put together by Professors Robyn Magalit Rodriguez and Zaire Dinzey Flores. Rodriguez and Flores successfully used these works to support their argument for funding a women of color faculty group at Rutgers University in 2009. While not specific to the arts, we hope that these resources will help women of color educators face the challenges that are common across disciplines. This list was originally published in 2013.  

Tina Takemoto. Looking for Jiro, 2011. Film; 5:45. Production still by Maxwell Leung. Courtesy of the Artist.

Tina Takemoto. Looking for Jiro, 2011; film; 5:45. Production still by Maxwell Leung. Courtesy of the Artist.

Rodriguez introduces the resources as follows:

In the fall of 2009 while I was still on the faculty of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, my good friend and colleague, Prof. Zaire Dinzey Flores, successfully applied for funds to form a women of color faculty group to, enhance the experience of women of color in academia and open institutional spaces supportive of women of color to… carve out a lasting intellectual space for women of color at Rutgers.” The first year of the project, we committed ourselves to community building. It was important for us to simply be able to break bread with one another and have a safe space to commiserate about our shared experiences of racism and sexism from the aggressive hostility of conservative white students to the subtle, patronizing treatment by our “color-blind,” “progressive” white colleagues. The project continues to live on and has grown in many ways.

While some of the resources here may be dated, I thought it would be important to post the references we used to make the argument for getting our project funded. The Women of Color Scholars Initiative at Rutgers’ website also offers some good resources as well. 

See the full list here.