DCMA’s attention toward IUID on assets, RFID on shipments, and iRAPT (formerly known as WAWF) reporting throughout the Department of Defense community is increasing at a rapid rate. Recent legislation, policy changes and expanded iRAPT obligations have tightened DCMA regulations and added pressure to suppliers.

In this recently recorded webinar we explain DCMA’s role, the inspection of shipments, approving of payments, property audits, and the consequences of non-conformance. We take you step-by-step through the planning to prepare for IUID and RFID audits and the growing importance of iRAPT reporting and the keys to achieving success and avoiding discrepancy reports. When you complete this blog series, you’ll have the information you need to support the inevitable DCMA queries and actions surrounding IUID, RFID and iRAPT.

Our mission is to turn physical assets and inventory into useable data that can easily enable tracking, auditing and, ultimately, reporting of asset data through to government systems. Our job is to help you make it easier to operate in and around government systems and DCMA regulations.

What You’ll Learn

> DCMA’s role with IUID, RFID and iRAPT.

> What DCMA will look for.

> How does iRAPT play a role in all of this and where is it going?

> What happens if non-conformance is identified, due to a lack of ability to meet contract obligations?

> What technologies and services in the market are available for you to meet military compliance?

> Ultimately, how do you begin this preparation for survival?

This blog series is based on our webinar Surviving DCMA – Barcodes, RFID, and iRAPT.  You can watch the full recording here.

We also have additional on-demand webinars that dive into related topics:

  • UID 101: The Basics — gives you background behind asset identification from its earliest inception.
  • UID 201 – speaks to implementation pitfalls that you can avoid when implementing this barcode asset identification. In this session we share lessons learned, based on real-world experience and mistakes that have been identified along the way. Learn how to implement an auto ID process the right way from the beginning.
  • iRAPT and IUID Registry and how, from a property-management perspective, this combination of systems is dramatically changing the way in which property is reported.
  • Difference between Barcodes and RFID  discussed these two technologies and how that could impact the way that you run your operations or how you might deploy the technology. These differences are not only important as to how you might support your customer obligations, but, also how you take advantage of the technologies  within your own operations.