When we had our vacvation in Virginia last month, my husband was craving for some sushi so we  looked at Google what restaurants they have nearby.  We found this Mongolian Peking Restaurant.  He fot excited because he used to eat Mongolian BBQ  when he was still in Guam and he used to tell me how good it was.

The setting inside  was beautiful, they have so many Aisan decors.

He wasn't impressed with their mongolian good but really satisfied  with the sushi.  They have plenty of selection so he tried quite a bit.

He wanted me to try sushi but for some reason, I really have no  desire for it.

We met a Filipina who work there and she suggested  some food that we  might like.  My daughter love some of the Asian  sea food and their soup.  It was nice because they gave military discount there.  We were surprised of how affordable it was to eat there.

I remember when we wwere in Orlando Florida, the cost of food there was expensive.  We went to a Chinese restaurant there, the food was okay butthething I found odd was that they charge a mandatory gratuity fee.    I mean we always give a tip when we eat out but that was our first time encountering a mandatory  one lol.

When we came home, he was  still thinking of the sushi that he had in Virfinia so we  went to Sesame Grill in Steubenville when we had our mini date.  Our former neighbors invited the kids for a movie night so we had the chance to go out.  

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