During our short road trip to Ohio, we decided to go to the little Switzerland in Ohio, the Swiss village.  We seldom go there so when we do, we buy   some  Amish products that  we don't find here in our area.  
I love going on a road trip in Ohio because they have such a vast area of  agricultural land.  It is relaxing to  see farms.  

 These crosses caught my attention.  I am not sure what  this was but I thought it was very interesting.

 We love seeing cows and horses  because we never really see one here in our area unless we go drive down in West Virginia.

 A friend of mine got all of their  furniture  from the Amish  furniture store, they said their furniture are high quality.

 Sometime in the future, I would like to try the food in Dutch Valley restaurant and bakery.

 Ohio and Pennsylvania are the two states with major Amish community.  We're fortunate enough that we are in the middle of the two states.  Although it is quite a drive, it is worth the time because you get to see a different way of life in their community.

 You know you are near the Amish community when you start seeing horses and carriages.

 I love their mode of transportation because it is environmental-friendly and also cheaper as they don't have to buy gas.  I'm not sure what those horses think about them travelling everyday but I guess, it is pretty normal to  them.

 My kids love  roaming around in this  store because there are  samples of food in every corner.

 Sugar Creek is a beautiful place.  There's a lot of interesting  things to see and learn from.

A friend of mine said that it is nice to go out there during  winter.  We haven't tried that but maybe someday.