Tickets from a game Mrs. Chemist & I went to that magical 2004 season

I've made no secret of my love for the game of baseball and how it's been really rewarding (and fun!) to see my children so enamored of the sport as they grow up. We're at the point now where they want to watch Red Sox games with me every night, and every morning they ask who won, what the standings are, and how their favorite players performed, and so on. What's been even more fun for me is to teach them all of the nuances of the game...the obscure rules, the fine details, and the strategy. Additionally, teaching them how to interpret box scores, standings, and player statistics has been a lot of fun. (Let me point out here that I'm old school when it comes to baseball...I'm not a big fan of all of these new advanced statistics and metrics, most of which make little sense to me and seem so convoluted and contrived). They're also developing favorite players who they root for (they like Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, Jackie Bradley, and of course David Ortiz!) and learning about the history of the game, which I hope will lead to a lifetime of enjoyment for them as much as it has for me.

We've been to several of minor league games for the local team around here, the Harrisburg Senators (double A affiliate of the Washington Nationals); the ballpark is less than a half hour away, the tickets are cheap, they play good ball, and you get a chance to see both up-and-comers as well as established MLB players on rehab assignments. However, later this summer we're taking our kids to Fenway Park in Boston for their first ever Major League and Red Sox's going to be a LOT of fun. I remember what it felt like the first time I saw a game there and honestly, for as excited as I am to go (I haven't seen a game there since 2012), I think I'm more excited to see the look on their faces when we first walk in. It should be a lot of fun for all of us and the first of many trips to the ballpark to see our Sox play. A lifelong dream of mine has been to go to a game at as many of the Major League ballparks as I can, but so far I've only ever been to two: Fenway Park and Olympic Stadium in Montreal (home of the now-defunct Montreal Expos). Now that we're in central PA, though, we're within easy driving distance of many ballparks including Camden Yards (Baltimore), Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia), PNC Park (Pittsburgh), Yankee Stadium and Citi Field (New York City), and Nationals Park (Washington, DC). It'd be a lot of fun to catch the Red Sox at any of those parks, and especially easy at the American League Parks (Camden Yards & Yankee Stadium) where they play multiple times every season.

Wrapping up, going to a game this summer will be a blast and something I know my kids won't soon forget! I don't know whether I'm looking forward to it more as a fan of the game or as a dad who wants to see his kids have fun...probably equal amounts of both!