Continuing our walk on the Telok Ayer Heritage Trail, our good friend Fong WK said we must pay a visit to a traditional cake shop, Tan Hock Seng.

I have heard about this traditional Hokkien pastry cake shop which has been around for more than 80 years. It was my first time patronising it.

Mr Tan Boon Chai, the third generation owner of Tan Hock Seng, was tidying the shop by himself when we dropped in for a visit.

His grandfather started the bakery at Telok Ayer Street decades ago. Mr Tan has been baking traditional pastries at his family bakery since he finished national service at age 20.

Mr Tan makes the best beh teh sor ("horse hoof" biscuits) in Singapore! His flaky crust beh teh sor are crispy and the sticky malt filling is tasty. I couldn't stop eating once I took a bite of it.

During weekday lunch hours, there are long queues for these yummy biscuits, sold in limited quantities daily.

Browsing in this small cake shop, we found many interesting childhood snacks which brought back lots of wonderful memories. These traditional Chinese pastries are seriously at risk of extinction as many youngsters have no interest to learn the skill of making them. I should savour these traditional snacks before they become extinct in Singapore.

Tan Hock Seng @ 86 Telok Ayer Street 直落亚逸街

拥有80多年历史的的老字号 "陈福成饼家", 是新加坡传统手工制作福建糕饼厂家。

小小, 不起眼的店面摆满了各式各样的糕点和饼, 有发糕、红龟粿、绿豆糕、老嬷糕、碰饼、豆沙饼、招牌马蹄酥、胡椒饼、嘴口酥、花生糖、水糕、白糕、芝麻条等。每一包糕点,都含着古早的味道。

卖的最好的是马蹄酥, 每天限量供应。午餐时间常常大排长龙, 不早点来买, 就会卖光光。这里的豆沙饼也是超人气的。