A friend informed me yesterday that the wrestling will start in  a couple of weeks.  I haven't received the memo from the school yet but I look forward to it.  Our son is not involved in many  sports but  we encourage him to continue wrestling, football and tennis.  He tried out  for basketball but he didn't like it so  after just one practice, he did not want to go back.  I think he feel  inferior that most of the kids   that practiced that day were  good and he  was just learning the basic.  
Anyway', back to wrestling, the photo above was the medal he got from  last year's event.  He won his first match and I think he had  so much fun.  It was  fun watching  them wrestle as  he  was very gentle, he didn't want to hurt his opponent because  he was his friend.  I think it would change as he get older.  

 This year, I want to make sure that we won't miss any practice and games  so I signed up  with TeamSnap.  They have an awesome  app that  you can use and  the cool thing is you can personalize it.  I also love that you can connect your facebook and the result will be shared automatically.  I love how technology progresses these days, there is an app  for everything.

I love that  there are many features like the  calendar sync, messaging, notifications, tracking, statistics  and a lot more.  So you can add  a team from your account and never miss a thing again.  I can't wait for this season to start, it's fun watching kids wrestle.  I am not sure if I would feel the same watching  adult wrestle as they are pretty aggressive.  I might get nervous when my little man   become wrestler when he's adult.  I am sure that even in high school,  wrestling is already very intense so we will see.

 For now,  I am enjoying his goofiness with the sport.

My daughter is  starting  the new season for volleyball here very soon.  I am glad,  I am all set up with the TeamSnap app as I am ready to roll.  Based from my experience we haven't miss a game  from previous season but it is a lot safer to have an app that reminds you for the schedule of events.

 Last year, my daughter's team was undefeated so we will see how they  perform this year.  I hope they do good again, that would be awesome.  She is  a bit worried because we haven't  practice  in a while.  She need to work on her serving, she can't wait for the season to start.

I am excited for the season to start.  It's fun watching our kids play.   I get so   excited and gets louder at times which embarrasses the kids but hey, what can I do lol.

Here's wishing that this year's sports is as successful and fun as last year's.