If you use Kayak and Google maps to book a flight and then find your way around a strange city for a business trip. There is new or little-known technology out there that might make your travel less stressful.

To book your flight, try Google Flights. It uses the same technology as Kayak and Orbitz to find flights but it doesn't stop there. Google Flights shows you the cheapest day to travel, gives you the best combination of cost and trip duration and highlights the best choice in green. It might even notify you that the price of the flight you chose is going up or down and when that could happen.

Managing the time you spend in the airport is simple if you use App in the Air. It breaks your trip into four parts, check-in, boarding, take-off, and landing. App in the Air keeps you updated on how long you have to check in for your flight and notifies you of any flight-related changes. Here is Business Insider's map of airport Wifi passwords.

Group travel is made easy with Trip It. Enter your travel information for flights, hotels, events bookings and it converts it into a single itinerary. Forward your emails to the app and it does rest. If you're traveling with others you can easily coordinate your plans.

Know where your luggage is all the time an airline has your bag with your choice of a variety of apps. Flipboard has a top 10 list. Delta Airlines is beginning to use RFID-enabled luggage tags to track bags.

Find your way around a strange city with City Mapper. Right now it is only available in 30 cities, but for those 30 cities, you get more detailed maps than Google and it's integrated with Uber.

Traveling can cause stress. These apps will lower your stress level so when it's time for business, you can get down to business. Contact us for more ideas to make your trip stress free.