Teochew Festival 2016 was officially opened by Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong this morning. Organised by Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan, the 10-day festival is held at Sands Expo and Convention Centre (Level 1, Hall A) from 9 to 18 Dec. Opening hours from 10.30 am to 9.00 pm daily.

Teochew opera lovers can watch daily performances by Xiaomeihua Opera Troupe from Jieyang and local arts group Nam Hwa Opera Limited.

Besides watching cultural performances, visitors can explore the Cultural Gallery and 3 zones - Food Zone, and Teochew Delicacy Zone and Handicraft Zone.

At the Cultural Gallery where some of these artefacts are loaned from the Museum of Overseas Chinese Remittance in Shantou, I have a quick look at the history of the pioneer Teochew immigrants.

The most crowded place at the festival is the Food Zone. The small food street features 20 vendors comprising local Teochew eateries, as well as food vendors from Shantou and Chaozhou.

Teochew specialities such as bak kut teh, Teochew glutinous rice roll, soon kueh, bak zhang, crystal dumplings, fried kway teow with kailan, beef balls and fried oyster omelette are available daily.

At the Teochew Delicacy Zone, taste some tea and take a look at the large variety of fish maw brought in by a Shantou company.

Watch a peanut brittle demonstration by 77-year-old Master Chua who has more than 60 years of experience making traditional Teochew snacks.

Then there's the delicious teng cang popiah (Teochew sweet spring roll) which cost S$10 for 3 rolls!

At the Handicraft Zone, I watched a live demonstration of oil paper lantern by master craftsman Mr Tan who is from Chenghai. Also on display are the beautiful, golden silk embroidery works and exquisite wood carvings.

To encourage cashless transactions, only NETS payment is accepted at the fair.

Entrance tickets are priced at $10 each. The ticket holder can enjoy a $3 rebate when they make purchases at the Food Zone and Teochew Delicacy Zone.

I didn't make any purchases at this festival because the products sold are too expensive and they do not captivate me, including the Teochew food. Entrance fees to the festival doubled this year, I was expecting a better event with more interesting vendors but it is really disappointing. I bought 2 tickets but used only one. It's not worth paying S$10 if you only want to have a look-see.



文化馆 - 部分展品特地向中国汕头侨批文物馆商借展出。


美食区 - 20个摊位的美食街让大家品尝道地的潮州小吃 : 潮汕灌煎、潮州鸭母捻、潮州牛肉丸、蚝烙等。

土产特区 - 有摊位示范潮州功夫茶道、制作糖葱薄饼、潮州花生糖等。

手工艺区 - 展览髹金漆木雕、潮州刺绣、制作潮州灯笼、工艺陶瓷制作等。

潮州节会场只能通过 NETS 付费。没有NETS卡的朋友可以在潮州节购买限量版【潮州人家己人】现金卡。

2016年 12月9日至18日,
S$10 admission fee 入门票