We used to celebrate Thanksgiving day at my father-in-law's home with the rest of the family but ever since he went to a home, we started our own family tradition of celebrating it at our own home.  There's only four of us so I only cooked an amount that the four of us can consume.  There are, however, a certain amount of different desserts.  I don't cook these American foods very often so I prepared them for Thanksgiving, so my husband could have his favorites.  I am sure he is missing them, as I always cook Filipino food on a day to day basis.
On the morning of Thanksgiving, I made us as Gluten-free, English muffin sandwiches for breakfast.  I love this English muffins from Glutino because not only they are gluten-free, it is also multi grain!  

The sandwiches turn out really tasty with bacon, eggs, and lettuce.  The trick to these  muffins is  to put them in an oven toaster for   a couple of minutes  to make it softer because if you don't, it is so densed.

One thing I  quickly learned when I became part of  the Cottrill family was, they love sweets!  So every holiday, they have different kinds of dessert.  

My husband and daughter  bought the carrot cake and  pumpkin pie  from the store.

I am not very fond of pumpkin pie so I made an apple pie using the gluten free pie crust mix from Glutino.

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U also baked some dinner rolls.

The baked beans was really awesome with bacon in it.

But I think my favorite was the  green bean casserole.  I haven't made this dish in a long time so I kind of miss it.

We're not crazy about turkey so we bought a ham.

By 3 o'clock, all the food was done and we ate  an early  Thanksgiving dinner, just the four of us.  This was our first Thanksgiving here at the new home and glad to spend it here.

The only thing I don't like about  holidays is, even though I only cook just  a small amount for the four of us, there are still left overs.  The  good part about it is, I don't have to cook the next day lol.

We had an awesome first Thanksgiving here at home and I can't wait to celebrate Christmas here too.

Glutino went all out with their Thanksgiving  supply, these were the ones they  sent me for November.

My kids prepared these gluten free box to be given to the police here in our area.  They also made  some notes and drawings for them thanking them for their services.  With all the the bad things happening to the police worldwide, we feel like it would be great to let them know how we appreciate their job protecting our community.

 Anyway, we went there  the day after Thanksgiving but the office was close so  we might  go back again  this weekend and see.

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