Yesterday I sold this little lamp foot. I found it many years ago and intended to keep it, but it has been in and out of use and I never found a really practical spot for it. Finally the shade, a greatly matching separate find, turned ugly with age and last October I threw that in the bin in the street and listed the base.

It’s now a rule for me to list anything I’m not using after all, before dragging too much new stock in. I love these old wooden crates and I really wanted this. Either to display stuff in at the markets or at home. But of course it had to be painted white first. Well after two years it still hadn’t happened. Listed earlier this month and sold within two weeks. Too cheaply, but I wanted it out. I’ll find new cool stuff.

It’s funny but that ugly blue is the exact same as the original colour of my photography table I found years before. That’s now sort of white washed in preparation of a final layer of white, but the thing is in use every day now. At least it looks better already.

Both found across the street, surely the crate and the table came from the same house.

That’s it for now, I still have to pack up the lamp.