For my left ear Soundscapes, for my right Miles Davis. The small computer fan on my desktop whirls air to cool my iMac, and the floor fan spins out the re-streamed air from the ORECK air-purifier. Every so often Hannah, who is one of my four cats, softly snores and Lillian, her small frame emits soft puffs of slumber. Cosmos paces to-and-fro, waiting for me to carve more turkey. While Regis, is curled into a ball of fluffy black and white, on the console table by the window. I am attuned to every nuance of released sound. It is peaceful. My half-eaten salad lies silently waiting in a bowl colored in turquoise, with patterns of white circling the rim and snowflakes in the well. I think of the bottle of wine waiting to be un-corked as I curl my toes under, to feel the softness of the carpet. Joe is on his way to his office and the skies outside are a light but soft gray. Clouds are blanketed between the earth and the sun.

Listening to both movements of music I am calmed and attuned by the inspiration of the composers. Messages from the hearts of musicians. I decipher their moods and dreams and yearnings, together with the intended energy to echo around the chambers of my brain. I acknowledge a knocking on the doors to the chambers within, and they continue their inquiries, until a door opens wide, to either create new thoughts or to re-play old memories. Music is magical.

During a movie or symphony, music interprets the mood of the scene asking us to follow along on flourishing emotion, or to imagine an experience. These melodies are movements of vibration and each of us tolerate them according to our current vibrational experience. They either carry us along making us yearn for more, or they may call forth the opposing desire. When we are not the vibrational match, these tunes, no matter how thrilling or moving, can make us feel annoyed and we rush to shut them out, or switch them off. Many times changing the channel makes a world of difference. Some days I find I have to search until our vibrational match is found.

The theory of musical conversation is simply an acceptance. Chords and notes strung together create a message of hope or despair, longing, or the freedom from a circumstance. Our heart-strings either absorb or reject but there is always a reaction, whether it is acceptance, reluctance, exuberance, passivity or indifference.

Our Creator, the Universe, God, knew we needed this important dialogue. Birdsong, the wind, storms, the ocean, insects, all living creatures … they provide for us comfort and background for us to enjoy their presence on this planet. We might gaze to the heavens above but in outer space there is no sound. I suppose the earth’s atmosphere acts like an echo chamber. Our communication relies totally on our vibrational response to the musical conversation in play. A drumbeat is another type of music as they offer a primitive power of a different vibrational pull.

I just heard a distant boom like a discharged shotgun. Although it is now hunting season thankfully, we live in a protected area, a wildlife sanctuary. I disturbed Regis to look outside to share four deer standing on the rise, about 300 feet from our home. I roused him to look, but in his confused and sleepy state he didn’t understand, jumped down and walked away. I waved to them and they stared back. Once Joe looked outside our bedroom window to see a magnificent buck standing two feet away. He may have been visiting Regis, who looks outside a lot of times. Joe said he was quiet and could see the buck standing at attention as if sensing being watched. My husband got the gift of experiencing the thrill of being so close to this beautiful creature that he didn’t want to move. For a long five minutes, they acknowledged one another in silence before the buck sauntered off into the night.

Musical conversation while varied are most appreciated when we truly listen, and are in accord to hear the messages intended by the composer.