Diarrhea is a loose, watery stool that occurs more often than usual.

And it has many causes ranging from contaminated water or food, viruses such as Norwalk virus, food intolerance like lactose intolerance, some medicines we take such as antibiotics, or diseases like Crohn’s.

That’s why it is important to know what to eat when having diarrhea, but equally important to know what not to eat when having diarrhea.

I bet you won’t like to aggravate and worsen the already unpleasant condition of having diarrhea by eating these type of foods?

So let’s take a closer look at foods not for diarrhea which you are to avoid until your system settles down.

Dairy Foods

It is a good idea to avoid dairy products now that you are having diarrhea, even if you don’t suffer from lactose intolerance because diarrhea can cause a lessening of enzyme lactase which is needed for the body to digest lactose.

And if it goes undigested, guess what will happen? It results in more diarrhea, gas, bloating and nausea. Which I bet you will love, right?

So avoid these lactose-containing foods:

Soft cheese
Ice cream

The only dairy product that you can eat is yoghurt because it has probiotics that will help cure your diarrhea.

Alright, onto the next one.

Fatty Foods

Do you know that foods with high level of fat can speed up intestinal contractions and cause a reaction to your already sensitized stomach?

Well, this means no:

Creamy foods
Fast food
Fatty cuts of meat
Foods covered in gravy
Greasy foods

Except if you like making the rest room your second bedroom.

And here is a food group you might suspect the least for worsening your diarrhea condition.

Sorbitol or Sugar-Free Foods

Yea, even though they are sugar substitutes, they can still have a laxative effect, as well as contribute to gas and bloating.

So, I recommend you avoid them.

Diet soda
Sugar-free candy
Sugar substitute packets for coffee and tea

Let’s come and be going onto the next one because I guess you already have that in mind.

Gas-Producing Foods

Some foods are splendid in increasing intestinal gas which could worsen the present condition of your diarrhea.

Alcohol and Caffeine Beverages

Are not for you now until you feel better because each of them has the potential to be a GI irritant.

Don’t even think of soda.

Your best bet will be to take an oral rehydration solution or just water.

Last but not the least.

Tainted Foods

You should keep up hygiene at all times whether you have diarrhea or not.

Only eat foods that are safely washed, prepared and stored because like the old saying goes;

“Prevention is better than cure.”

Now go over to https://zealhealthclinic.com/foods-avoid-diarrhea/ to read more details about the above foods we just discussed about.