Or is it? Do we ever really know? Do we ever really want to be the first one to say it? After some deep soul searching I have decided to give this whole blogging & social media thing a well deserved rest. It’s nobody’s fault, there isn’t a hidden agenda, or even a reason I won’t explain, since that is what I’m doing now. At first I was just thinking piss on it all and burn it to the ground. Who am I kidding, I know I’m just 1 blog of billions, and my lack of presence is just that, a lack of my presence.

Over the last 7 weeks I have come to the conclusion that I’m bored blogging, reading blogs, fooling with social media, and in a nut shell, the internet itself. This has actually been evolving over the last several months but I kept in the game, I kept swinging, and I keep getting the same result. Allot of it is that I’m lazy because it is a chore (for me personally) to write posts on my phone. Then I factor in time, a luxury for me as I don’t have much free time anymore, and when I do I discovered naps, which is good for me since I work 2am til 3pm 4 days a week, it has worn me out. Then, try to squeeze in having a family, a life, and so forth. Some of y’all get it I’m sure.

I would like to, however, give thanks to two people I consider my friends who I would have probably never met if it weren’t for this blog. We don’t talk much anymore but I just wanted to let Kris and Rex know that I really do appreciate them and what they have done individually to impact my personal life. My hat is off to you two wonderful women and I’m forever in debt to y’all. Both of y’all have my deepest gratitude, each for your own individual reasons. Don’t get me wrong, I have “met” some fantastic people over the years, even a few of y’all lucky fuckers in person. Every one of y’all need to crack the top off your favorite beverage and know I salute all of you.

My blogs will remain up and functional. I will still be looking at emails and so forth. Y’all probably won’t see me active on Google+, Twitter, or even Facebook much. I don’t know what else to say or even why I felt compelled to explain any of this. I guess it was to say I’m alive and well. Don’t worry, blogging is my damn dirty little bad habit, I’m sure I’ll be back one day.

Steven (aka Scorpion Sting)