Well after 25 years at living at my house a letter came today saying the owners are selling the property. Normally this may not be a problem, however it's a proven fact that the land on my street is being gobbled up by developers eager to tear the old down and erect the new. Could this be the next direction my life?

I've helped manage the property for the last 25 years, showing the apartments when a vacancy happens, taking care of the tenants complaints, alerting the management to any problems on the property, and I even have the side job of the gardener for both properties. I've gotten pretty comfortable living here these last 25 years and even installed a pond in my front yard as well as have a secret garden in the back.

I've been pretty much settled here and now at the age of 52, I'm not real eager to go on the home hunt. But I have learned that the universe makes a lot of choices for you and this one I have to let go of and allow whatever is to be, to happen. Most of the tenants - 9 units - are panicking and not sure what to do as we await our fate. My city is privately operated, no rent control and the landlord or new owner can give us a 30 day notice to leave at any time. I guess that is the uncertainty that has us all on edge. I've just painted my kitchen and bought new curtains, had a new floor put in as well as a new refrigerator. And even though I know change is good and necessary in life, I would prefer to leave things status quo for now. I also have taken care of a feral community of cats in our yard. It would be next to impossible to relocate them and I worry about how they would survive without my feeding them.

So here is my message to the universe...

I know I've gotten comfortable in my surroundings and my job. I'm ten minutes from work, come home for lunch and get home very soon after my work is completed. Am I in my comfort zone, yes! Do I want to make a change in my life right now, NO! But if you feel that this is the new direction my life should be going, I'll accept it gladly as I know you have a way of jolting me from my comfort zone, when I've not had the ability to do it myself. So, I put myself in your hands and will accept whatever change you make for me. Cause after all....

I'm grateful for being able to have lived here for so long with great neighbors, monthly parties in our yard and being able to pay for a roof over my head. And if your choice is to have the new buyers continue to leave the houses as they are and not bulldoze a new apartment complex, well that will be even better news. None of us living here want to leave each other and it's rare to find a group like ours that balances each other out so well.