I am a very practical  person and I love receiving useful things as gifts.   Here are some of the gifts that I love:  
  • Address Book - my daughter knows that I am old school.  I keep in touch with friends and family through snail mail.  I know it's kind of  obsolete  but sometimes, receiving personal letter  feels really good.  I always think that it is better than receiving text or email.  I know that the latter is a lot faster but  there is something so personal with handwritten letters that make it very special.  So this address book will surely be used.  Thanks to my daughter!

  • Personalized Items - I think homemade gifts are the best.  They are made with  love.  My daughter made this for her brother and he loved it.  It is now hanging on his bedroom wall.  

She also made this for  us.  She used bottle caps to make this octopus  . Isn't this so cute?

 When they were younger, we  were trying to teach our son to be less messy by setting an example and one time, my husband told our son  that he wants to eat the cookie that he wanted at the living room, he should eat like his sister does.  We went to  the living room and found so many crumbs in the couch and my husband  blurted "Crumbs everywhere".  Our daughter thought it would be funny to make a toast, crushed it and put it in a frame to remind us of  that funny moment.

 The kiddos got us these  tennis rackets so we could fairly play tennis with them.  We used to use the old  pair of tennis racket and they are pretty heavy so every time we lost a game to our children, we always  say that it is because our rackets are vintage lol.  So now, we don't have that excuse anymore.

My husband knows that my old keyboard is a pain in the tosh to use because all of its letters are faded thus it  makes it hard to use.  Now I can use my office without turning the light on during night time, all I have to do is turn the light in my keyboard.

How about you, what is your favorite gift this year?