Last year January my co-picker brought me two more paintings.

This large work looked the most interesting at first and I listed it soon after. I didn’t think it was great but the charm is in the hairdo of the girls, representing different style periods from around the 1940’s to the 1980’s. The year ’80 was on the back side. I thought it would go quickly but it took until September. I had to ship it so no clue no what type of person bought it or why, only that it was a guy.

But here's the proof that real art can still be found in the garbage:

Freek also brought this still live that I thought was quite nice but hesitated to list because of its poor condition, especially on the sides of the canvas. It was falling out of the frame which was very ugly anyway.

Painted over in grey and in terrible condition as well. I threw that back in the trash hoping someone would take it, but I didn't check.

I finally put it up in April without the frame and sold it within two days and I now know why! A very well dressed man came for it and I’m sure he was a trader. And I possibly gave it to him way too cheap.

At the time I couldn’t figure out the signature on the work and so I didn’t find the artist. Just looking at the photo’s now I had an insight and looked for A. Broekman, and found he was a Dutch painter who lived from 1874 to 1946 and was himself a trader as well. I read he often signed work of others, so we still don’t know if this was his own, but I found a comparable still live with poppy’s listed currently at EUR 300! But that is neatly framed and in good condition. And there are others around EUR 50. Mine certainly needed work and I’m just glad it ended in the right hands and is hopefully now restored in full glory and somewhere being appreciated.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back with more of our favourite picks from 2016 soon!