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Tibia, one of the oldest MMOG worldwide with 30 million player accounts in more than 200 countries, celebrates its 20th anniversary.

As announced by German game developer CipSoft today, their long-running MMOG Tibia just celebrated its 20th anniversary. The game was launched on January 7, 1997 and is one of the world’s oldest active role-playing games.

20 Years Statistics

  • Went online on January 7th, 1997
  • First online game that adopted the free-to-play model
  • 30,000,000 accounts created, that is approximately one percent of all Internet users have played Tibia
  • Played in no less than 200 countries with the USA, Sweden, Poland, Brazil, and Mexico, the top five
  • 158,000,000,000 minutes or 300,000 years of combined game time from all players
  • More than 50 content updates. Two big content updates every year.
  • There are 1,197 different monsters in Tibia
  • There are 667,150 lines of code, more lines than a space shuttle’s primary flight software
  • 3,356,052 walkable squares. If you want to explore every walkable square of a map for just one second, you would need more than 38 days.
  • 1,042 rentable houses
  • 863,538 words written for NPC dialogues. Twice as much text as Tolkien‘s The Lord of the Rings.
  • There are 1,161 books in Tibia with another 160,197 words.
  • 500,000,000 gold in Tibia. The golden helmet is among the most expensive item traded, you could buy more than 12 years of Premium Time for it.
  • 27,878 daily death. More than 40% of all deaths each day are caused by other characters which makes them far more dangerous than dragons!
  • PK is not everything. There are 47,027 married couples in Tibia. 1.25% of all characters have exchanged wedding vows compare that to 18.75% of the people working on the game are married.
  • If a character with the momentarily highest level (1000+) dies, it loses at least as many experience points as a brand-new character would need to reach level 217. That is 167,968,155 lost. The average level of a Tibia character amounts to 41.
  • In August of 2016, a player made a world-record by reaching level 999, beat that!
  • There is no maximum level in Tibia!

“Tibia is a unique success story”, says Managing Director and CipSoft co-founder Ulrich Schlott. Stephan Vogler, Managing Director and co-founder, adds: “I’m happy and grateful that our student project has grown into such an MMO hit, supported by a very dedicated team and, most of all, by our wonderful players. Even after 20 years we’re not running out of ideas for Tibia — I’m sure the game will keep attracting players for years to come.”

Tibia has still grown in player numbers over the last years and is currently played by more than 100,000 gamers every day (DAU). The single most well-known player was YouTube personality PewDiePie who last year confessed Tibia was his “favourite game of all times” and the game he “wasted his teenage years” on. Over the course of twenty years 30 million user account were registered with Tibia, all growth stemming from word-of-mouth among gamers.

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20 Years Infograph

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Tibia, sandbox MMORPG, Celebrates 20 Successful Years
Tibia, one of the oldest MMOG worldwide with 30 million player accounts in more than 200 countries, celebrates its 20th anniversary.

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