Time of universal waiting.

Cold. Harsh. Uninviting.

Stone cold dead.

It took some time to accomplish this scene. Several days of wicked wind carved furrows where none existed, creating a freakish landscape reminiscent of a field ready for planting.

Cruel joke? Irony?

Or hope, painted icy white?

The truth is, snow is temporary. A skin on the garden, a scab, allowing the wounds of winter time to heal before the real growth can begin.

And grow it will, in time.

"He has made everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11

God uses time to accomplish His purposes. Joseph did time in a foreign prison - and learned the skills, language, and cultural lessons which would make him a powerful and wise leader. Abraham waited until his old age to become a father - and is still known as a mighty man of faith. Noah waited for the promise of dry ground. David spent time running for his life after being anointed King.

Human experience is full of waiting. Grief has no instant fixes. Wine and investments and children require a maturation process. It seems that the magical component linking healing, success, and beauty may tick by with a second hand.


Are you caught in the grip of a cold winter wind today?

Give God time, friend.

Only He can carve something beautiful out of the coldest circumstances in your life. Because given enough time, what does winter become?