Good day visitors, fans, friends, Earthlings, Martians and enthusiasts!  Yes, indeed, it is time for a little "time out for a smile ad from Google!"  BTW, if you were to do a Google search on  "putting words in my mouth" squidoo, the top three search results would lead you to three of my Squidoo lenses:

  1. People Say the DARNDEST Things
  2. Putting Words in My Mouth(s)
  3. Jaguar Julie Top Squidoo Lenses

If the truth be told, last night I was NOT smiling about the Google text ad that I found at the top of my Squidoo lens on Jayne Mansfield. Thanks to Megan Casey for taking care of it so quickly and efficiently -- I do SO appreciate that. Thankfully, Jayne Mansfield isn't one of my top lenses, so the number of people who may have not been smiling about that, wouldn't have been too many, you know?

Let's take a look at #2 in the Google search results; i.e., Putting Words in My Mouth(s)! Well, aside from those instances where I have literally shuddered at the interpretation of my own words, or those instances where I have had words put into my mouth ... you know, when somebody says "this is what you said" and YOU didn't say that ... or you were "quoted" out of context and meant something else ... or somebody JUST makes things up? You know? Ok, Ok! We came here for some HUMOR this morning; some COMIC RELIEF.

What struck me as very funny this morning, I needed a good laugh, was the pairing of these two Google text ads along with that image of the Zebra's mouth and teeth which are obviously in need of dental attention; you know? Say hello to "emergency dentistry" and a "#1 Dental Plan."  Do those ads, paired with the image of the Zebra's mouth, make you smile too?

Putting Words in My Mouth : Now Live Here!

Oh, you and I both know it is NO laughing matter about how much it costs to go to the dentist.  It is indeed ironic, I say, that I just GOT dental insurance coverage and I won't even get the chance to use it!  Oh my!

Hello to my regular Squidoo readers! I've been profiling a view of the top ... the top 100 of the various Squidoo Topics.  We will return to this series really soon!  Thanks for taking time to say hello.

Whew!  I've written about the top Squidoo lens each day for over a year in Squidoo du Jour -- The Top Lens ... will there be a NEW lens at the top soon? Thanks to those who were "brave" enough to actually participate in the Hey Monkeybrain debate of mine about Squidoo Stats -- Public or Private? Appreciate it.  Rock on with your good selves!